PROFILES.LK is a virtual community of IT professionals, that provides wide range of technology solutions. We are willing to provide our perfect trained professionals to overcome your technology problems. Our services includes, Software Solutions, CCTV Solutions, Photography, IT Outsourcing and Automation Solutions

Software solutions includes variety of categories and different platforms. Our software engineers are highly skilled in various kind of softwares. They will provide accurate and user friendly software solution for your requirement. All our software projects ends with a specific user training as we consider users skills and user training is always compulsory.

CCTV solutions always needs, high quality and durable equipments to ensure the security of your business place or home. Hence we use high quality equipments for our CCTV projects.

Photography opens the world of creative expression through the eye of the camera. Our professional photographers are ready to capture your special moments as it becomes a lasting memory. We cover such as Wedding Events, Engagement Parties, Birthdays Parties, Get-togethers etc..

IT Outsourcing is essential. We solves clients' IT challenges by providing an unmatched services. Our strategies and technology is always for the best customer satisfaction. Software development, Telephone system installation and troubleshoot, Preventive Maintenance and any kind of IT related task is accepted.

Automation, as we all spending a busy lifestyle, most of our day to day activities needs to be automated. So, we have home and office automation projects, GPS tracking, Garden water supply and fertilizing systems.


We supply quality and durable products to fulfill your IT needs. We carefully choose materials from the market to implements our projects.

You can request all type of softwares including customized solutions, hardware equipments such as Computers, Printers and CCTV equipments etc. We will provide all required knowledge, even implementation guide too.

About Us

We do freelance, just in more reliable way. PROFILES.LK is the gateway to build the reliability in between IT freelancers and their customers. For more details go to CONTACT, the way you can talk to us